Wireless Zigbee Gateway

A wireless Zigbee gateway product solution involves a highly integrated Wi-Fi module, a low-power Zigbee module, and a motherboard. On the Smart Life app, users can […]

New product introduction of intelligent thermostat BHT-006/007

The BHT-006/007 heating thermostat is the 7th anniversary model launched by Bo Yijia in 2022. 7 has a special meaning in the Bible, representing completeness and […]

What is the Best Thermostat for Hotel Central Air Conditioning Applications

In stores, we sometimes forget about occupancy-based thermostats, which is why BECA’s Round Heat is considered one of the most popular thermostats in the world. The […]

Air Source Heat Pump Tips

A heat pump is an energy-saving device that allows heat to flow from a low-level heat source to a high-level heat source. As the low-level heat […]

Win the March Nuggets New Trade Festival!

To welcome the New Trade Festival in March, our company participated in the Orange War event hosted by Xiamen Alibaba to help companies turn around against […]

Little knowledge about thermostats

Temperature control is an essential part of modern living and workplaces. More and more residential quarters, office buildings, hotels, etc. are using intelligent thermostats to control […]

Happy International Working Women’s Day!

Without sunshine, flowers will not bloom; without joy, there will be no happiness; without women, there will be no love; without mothers, there will be no […]

What is zigbee3.0?

ZigBee is a low-power local area network protocol based on the IEEE802.15.4 standard. It is a low-power, self-healing, mesh network with the characteristics of an IoT […]

A new year, a new journey for BECA

In the blink of an eye, it has been a week since construction started. Everything is turning into a new one, and the construction is auspicious. […]